This is my website :

My two oldest Rose and Beatrice  are free lance illustrators, artists and printers:

Rose is a free lance printer but also teaches illustration three days a week at Falmouth University

Beatrice  is a print maker but also illustrates.

My husband is a photographer and does the photographs for my blog and my  website

Here is a link to the website to the charity set up in memory of our daughter Romilly

and this is the charities blog

I love the sea. I want my children and my children’s children and their children to be able to enjoy it… and fish, and yet we are destroying ocean habitat and marine life at an unprecedented rate. So you won’t be surprised to learn that one of my most important links is to the Marine Conservation Society, .  They receive 10% of the value of any prints sold from my website

A great place to enjoy the sea, and one of my favourite places is the Treshnish Estate on Mull, which looks west over the sea to the Treshnish Islands.  They also provide some of the most charming holiday cottages on Mull

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